Mr Protein: what we’re about

We are a team of fitness freaks. We’re passionate about quality protein products to support a healthy body and workout regime.

We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with some of the best brands in the world, and can bring you a range of quality products all in one site.

How are we different?

We’re unique as we’ll only show you products that are gluten-free and organic. At Mr Protein you don’t need to study the ingredients or descriptions because we’ve done that for you!

Right now, we are representing these protein brands. When you choose to buy a product, you’ll be buying the product from the brand themselves. Mr Protein is an affiliate to these top brands, and can help bring you the best gluten free protein powder at the best price.

Some Advice

Recommended products, recipes and advice on this site is just that; advice. Everyone is different, especially when it comes to fitness. If you have any questions about the Mr Protein site or the products represented then please email us and we’ll get back to you.

If you’d like to know more about gluten free protein powder, or some of the reasons to go gluten free, then visit our protein power blog section. This contains information and advice on adopting a gluten free lifestyle as well as what kind of protein powders you can take.

Should you have any issues with either protein supplements or when working out, our advice is to consult your GP immediately. If you suspect you may have a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, you should also consult your GP. Undiagnosed coeliac disease can have long-term health consequences, and a simple blood test is all it takes to diagnose.