Supplement your fitness regime the healthy way with organic protein powder. All products on offer are organic as well as gluten free. No additives or artificial flavours, just quality protein.

Gluten free, vegetarian and organic protein powder!

Tired of bloating and feeling sluggish after you have a protein shake? Mr Protein’s organic section only features products with no artificial flavours and additives – it’s all natural! The less artificial ingredients, the better it is for you.

As with all of our products, everything in our organic protein section is gluten free and vegetarian.

Gluten Free Protein Supplements

If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of gluten in your diet, then removing it from your protein supplements is an easy way. Even for those without allergies, due to its make-up, gluten can bloat and upset digestion if taken in large and regular quantities. Mr Protein operate an entirely gluten free operation. So whether you prefer Whey, Casein, Pea or Soy protein – the selection we offer will always be gluten free. Most importantly, all protein powders are suitable for coeliacs.

Organic Protein Powder

No harmful chemicals or pesticides – all powders and products are produced using 100% organic ingredients. Therefore, it’s better for the planet, and better for you.

Finally, Mr Protein is an affiliate site. This means we represent different brands to bring you a wide range of gluten free protein powders in one place. If or when you choose the product for you, you’ll be taken to the website of that brand to purchase it, safely and securely. Mr Protein vet all the brands we work with, and only showcase those of the highest quality standards.

So take a look at our offers and if nothing takes your fancy then try our products page.