NEW Gluten Free Protein Powder – Protein Water from DECiBEL

Gluten Free Protein Powder

  • 97% purity of protein
  • BCAA content 7.3g per serving
  • 0% sugar, 1% fat
  • Gluten Free
  • Practically Lactose Free
  • Made for water
  • 992g – 31 servings
  • High glutamine content
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Game-changing flavours
Gluten Free Protein Powder:  Welcome to a truly innovative Protein Water. Where selective ion technology has brought about a market-leading 97% pure whey isolate. One that contains the highest spectrum of amino acids and is formulated with taste front of mind. With a high BCAA and glutamine content, almost zero carbs or fat and absolutely no fillers. Faster recovery and muscle growth is here. Now with an incredibly refreshing taste.

97% purity of protein
Contains indispensable nitrogens and amino acids for muscle growth.
Game-changing flavours
Available in refreshing Cola, Wild Berries and Watermelon & Peach.
Higher bioavailability
Easily digested and absorbed. Aided by DigeZyme®.
High glutamine content
Supports muscle growth by increasing HGH. Anti-catabolic to prevent muscle breakdown.
Lower sugar, lower fat
Ideal for lean muscle gain and better weight management.
No fillers
No taurine, arabic gum or xanthan gum. Keeping purity paramount.
BCAA content 7.3g per serving
For faster recovery and increased metabolism.
Made for water
Mixes perfectly in cold water.
Gluten Free
Great for those with a wheat intolerance

How to use

Mix 1 heaped scoop of this Gluten Free Protein Powder – Decibels’ Protein Water – in 350ml of water. Modify the volume of liquid to your preferences. The best time to use is in the morning and after a workout. For maximum results, consume 1-2 servings twice daily for 6 weeks.

Important Notice: This product is a food supplement and should be used in conjunction with food as part of a healthy balanced diet, not as a substitute for eating healthily. Use as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. This product is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 16. Keep out of reach of young children.
Do not exceed the stated daily dose.

If I’m lactose intolerant should I avoid Decibel Whey Protein since it is a dairy product?
Decibel Whey Protein gives you the great benefits of dairy without the lactose. One tablespoon of Unflavored Decibel Whey Protein contains less than 0.1 gram of lactose, which is less than the amount of lactose found in one cup of yogurt. Research studies have shown that most people with lactose intolerance can safely consume this low, negligible amount of lactose with no discomfort. However if you are lactose intolerant please consult your doctor or dietician before consuming.

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