The Protein Works: Naked Whey Protein

Naked Whey Protein 80 is the UK’s first all natural whey protein powder. This ground-breaking premium whey protein shake commits itself to pure and natural ingredients. You simply won’t find any other whey protein on the market that can match it’s purity and results.


Naked Whey Protein 80 has a more natural, subtle taste and texture. The natural Stevia Extract means zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic making it an ideal choice for those who want a subtle tasting protein powder that’s considered more delicate on the palate. Another benefit of using Stevia is that it gives a much more natural ‘sweetness’ level, so you get the true taste of the chocolate and the cocoa powder.

Ingredients differ on the flavour. Available flavours: Cookies n Cream, Dark Chocolate, Velvet Vanilla and Wild Strawberry

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